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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Viva Ben Laden

Went shopping yesterday. I passed in a store where an Egyptian employee (they are many in Lebanon) was bickering with his boss. I mean like "for the love of the argument", about futile stuff, without really being upset.
The boss: "The only reason you support Bin Laden, is because he's a Sunni muslim like you."
The Egyptian: "No. The only reason is, because he gets the Americans mad."
This man (the Egyptian, not Bin Laden!) is well-shaved, and all in all a very friendly fellow.
This is the ordinary Arab street man, in 2007. Thanks to 7 years of darn smart Bush-Cheney politics, "the enemies of my enemies are my friends".
Still, I pointed out to this gentleman that on September 11, 2001, Bin Laden had essentially killed anonymous innocents, including Lebanese and Egyptians, and that I didn't quite see the usefulness of doing so. He agreed with me on that. He just can't stand the US foreign politics.
A significant proportion of the planet dances the "Talk Like An Egyptian". And this is how Peace in the world is walking on its head. Sideways, carumba!
Food for thought, Oh Marcus Antonius Cesar...

Journée shopping hier. Je suis passé dans un magasin où un employé Egyptien (ils sont nombreux au Liban) se chamaillait avec son patron. Dans le sens, "ils aiment se chamailler", sur des futilités, sans vraiment se fâcher.
Le patron: "La seule raison pour laquelle tu aimes Ben Laden, c'est parce que c'est un musulman sunnite comme toi."
L'Egyptien: "Non. La seule raison, c'est parce qu'il fait enrager les Américains."
Cet homme (l'Egyptien, pas Ben Laden!) est bien rasé, et en général un type très sympathique.
Voilà l'homme de la rue arabe ordinaire, en 2007. Grâce à 7 années de politique Busho-Cheyniste vachement bien pensée, "les ennemis de mes ennemis sont mes amis".
J'ai quand même fait remarquer à ce monsieur que Ben Laden avait essentiellement tué des innocents anonymes le 11 Septembre 2001, y compris des Libanais et des Egyptiens, et que je ne voyais pas bien l'utilité de ce qu'il avait fait là. Il était d'accord là-dessus. Simplement, il ne supporte pas la politique étrangère des USA.
Une proportion conséquente de la planète danse le
"Talk Like An Egyptian". Et c'est comme ça que la Paix dans le monde marche sur la tête. De profil, caramba!
A méditer, ô Marcus Antonius César...


Hannah said...

What does Caesar have to do with American foreign policy and Walk Like an Egyptian? Sorry, can't quite find the link. :)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

In Ancient Egypt, heads talked (and walked) sideways. Remember the hieroglyphs. ;-)

This reminded me of Cleopatra and Marc-Anthony's world power game, and how the Doonesbury strips portray today's would-be Cesar, George Bush Jr, as a roman general's helmet. (And maybe Condi's "very specific style of beauty" ;-P made me think of Cleopatra's nose.)

Also, in Asterix, an expression in the style of "Food for thought, Oh Cesar", often aptly follows the Roman legions earning themselves a good beating because of old JC's bloated arrogance.

Aaaaand... that it all! :-)
My private jokes are oft multi-layered.

Hannah said...

Ok, I wouldn't have come up with all that on my own. :)

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