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Sunday, March 8, 2009

No commemoration for 8th March

March 8th. International Women's Day.
What did Lebanon do this sunday? Nothing.
Move along, people, nothing to see here. Nothing to comment on women in this here country.
Okay, it's true that the date is close to other occasions. On the 9th, teachers are celebrated, and at the same time it's the Mawlid, Prophet Muhammad's birthday, and for this occasion the 10th will also be a holiday. And the 8th is now associated with the political opposition coalition in this country, as opposed to March 14th for the others...but "the March 8th camp" didn't organize any demonstration this year, nor the previous three. Barely ONE demonstration by Hezbollah to support Syria in 2005. And as I've already explained, Syria may have done a lot of reprehensible things in Lebanon, but most likely didn't assassinate Rafiq Hariri.
So in short, my country has no excuse to ignore woman's cause, still so much actual.
No excuse, but the obnubilation of political bickering, pettiness and quibbling.
No excuse, but indifference.
Political people come and go. (I know I'm blasphemating, bugger off!) Even religions are a culture with variable success (see that of the Roman Empire...). But Woman is universal. What father did not need a lover to procreate, what child did not need a mother to be born? No to mention love, softness, beauty?
And how many women, all the way to the most socially advanced countries, are still waiting to be fully treated according to the rules of MY religion, Respect?
God? He's One, and there are as many One Gods as there are people believing in this Eternally blurry concept.
The Homeland? But which one? Look at Lebanon, with its changing size in History, look at Iraq, shifting and metastable almost to the point of implosion, cluster-splitting Yugoslavia, Georgia and its territorial additions, Tibet, Basque country, Timor, nearly everywhere, every region, almost every village and city district... Homeland is what one perceives of it.
But Woman? In this country, we don't even bother perceiving her one day a year.
Well, I have something in the honor of Woman. A movie made by a good friend of mine, and with any luck accessible even in the Gulf countries, even though they're so frisky about anything feminine on the internet. So behold, the faces of Woman.
And don't forget to say a kind word to the women who are important to you. It'll make them happier than any official celebrations.

8 Mars. Journée internationale de la Femme.
Qu'a fait le Liban ce dimanche? Rien.
Circulez, rien à voir. Rien à commenter sur les femmes dans ce pays.
Bon, c'est vrai que la date est proche d'autres occasions. Le 9, on fête les professeurs, et en même temps le
Mawlid, la naissance du Prophète Mahomet, et en cet honneur le 10 sera aussi chômé. Et le 8 est maintenant associé à la coalition d'opposition politique du pays, par opposition au 14 pour les autes... mais "le camp du 8 Mars" n'a pas fait la moindre manifestation cette année, pas plus que les 3 précédentes. Tout juste UNE manifestation en soutien de la Syrie par le Hezbollah en 2005. Or j'ai déjà expliqué que si la Syrie a fait bien des choses répréhensibles au Liban, elle n'a très probablement pas assassiné Rafiq Hariri.
Bref, mon pays n'a aucune excuse pour ignorer la cause féminine, encore tellement d'actualité.
Aucune excuse, sinon l'obnubilation des chamailleries, mesquineries et pinailleries politiques.
Aucune excuse, sinon l'indifférence.
Les politiques vont et viennenent. (Je le sais que je blasphème, fichez-moi la paix.) Même les religions sont une culture au succès variable (voyez celle de l'Empire Romain...). Mais la femme est universelle. Quel père n'a pas eu besoin d'une amante pour procréer, quel enfant n'a pas eu besoin d'une mère pour naître? Sans parler de l'amour, la douceur, la beauté?
Et combien de femmes, jusque dans les pays les plus socialement avancés, attendent-elles encore d'être entièrement traitées selon les règles de MA religion, le Respect?
Dieu? Il est Unique, et il y a autant de Dieux Uniques que de personnes croyant en ce concept Eternellement flou.
La Patrie? Mais laquelle? Voyez le Liban, à la taille changeante dans l'Histoire, voyez l'Irak protéiforme et métastable au point de presque imploser, la Yougoslavie à fragmentation, la Géorgie et ses ajouts territoriaux, le Tibet, le pays Basque, le Timor, presque n'importe où, chaque région, presque chaque village, chaque quartier de ville... la Patrie c'est ce qu'on en perçoit.
Mais la Femme? Dans ce pays, on ne se donne même pas la peine de la percevoir un jour par an.
Moi j'ai quelque chose en l'honneur de la Femme. Un film fait par un bon ami à moi, et avec un peu de chance accessible même dans les pays du Golfe, pourtant si frileux sur tout ce qui est féminin sur l'internet. Admirez donc les faces de la femme.
Et n'oubliez pas de dire un mot gentil aux femmes qui comptent pour vous. Ça leur fera plus plaisir que toutes les célébrations officielles.


Joe Dick said...

The majority of the women in this "Faces of Woman" are under 30 (many look barely 18) and white. Even domai members will see only a couple black and Asian women. I would have thought a video of that title would want to have a bit more variety - unless you're a White Supremacist. And why not a few MILFs!?

Btw, I'm not sure many would attribute the downfall of the Roman Empire to religion.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

All I said was that the once widespread religion of the Roman Empire didn't last forever. :-)
Their downfall, I don't care too much about for the present topic. Let's not dwelve too much into Lady Messalina... Not a very good feminist icon, all things considered!

I never claimed that movie was representative of all the world's women, either. And even less so of the women in need of their rights being recognized. :-( I just found it beautiful, and it's about women. Close enough. You ever looked at the relevance of my blog's illustrations?

But by all means, if you know of a similarly touching video that's more representative, tell me and I'll post an update.

I'll leave the matter of MILFs between you and your Dirty Old Conscience, mister Stifler's Friend.

Joe Dick said...

All I said was that the once widespread religion of the Roman Empire didn't last forever. :-)

Pascal "Oh Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" P-04 Referent.

(Is P-04 the middle name? Referent a great Lebanese surname of ancient lineage?)

I never claimed that movie was representative of all the world's women, either.

Now I'm being misunderstood. I know you didn't. I was just saying that video obviously doesn't give us a good sampling. And that domai doesn't either, great as it is. I have to say, I'm not too broken up by the lack of older models at domai, and it's no sweat off my dick that there aren't more "minorities" there either. As much as I'm a fan of Asians and some black models.

You ever looked at the relevance of my blog's illustrations?

Yes, and if the illustration doesn't fit...well, let's just say I've kept quiet about it till now, but in all honesty it really burns me up! 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...

Okay. Let it go, Joe, let it go.

I'll leave the matter of MILFs between you and your Dirty Old Conscience, mister Stifler's Friend.

Fair enough! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Joe Dick said...

I second that! FART!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Grow up.
Or, to quote the OCP President during that robot shootout: "BEHAVE YOURSELVES!!!"
(sigh) Teenagers.

BTW, Joe, according to that MILF article, it's all about age difference. If we're both 42, she's not a milf to me.
Isn't it, you know, a bit hard for you to find some, given your official age?
(114 today, right?)

Might explain that tendancy for flatulences... (Ever so slight, I barely hear them over the internet.) Remember, eat fibers.

Joe Dick said...



I'm not really much into the MILFs myself, actually. I kind of prefer the "Barely Legal" category! ;-)

(In the U.S. that means 18.)

Anywho, I've taken the elixer, remember? Age doesn't mean anything to me now!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Man, that Elixir from the Miraculous Aerial Healer sure has some annoying side effects, doesn't it? [phew!] Switch to all-bran already! And right-click to open a window, for Thot's sake.

I thought "Barely Legal" meant a very skimpy bikini cut from the fabric of a law suit tuxedo? You know, like our "barely medical" doctor hotties wearing nothing but a wet blouse with loose buttons...
Or maybe it's about non-frontal movie nudity, the sort of shots that censors will permit. Bare, but legal.
Or pretty Miss Lili going naturist, "call me the bare Lili gal". (Unless that was "naturalist" and "bear"? Nope, that's Goldilocks.)
Or non-standard raw oil containers? No, that's a barrel illegal. How big was that Elixir bottle of yours again? If you youngify too much and forget to make your burpie-wurpie, all this naughty gas will HAVE to come out from your tummy somehow, you know.

Still, quite impressive, your changing from a mummy scare to Mommie's care.
Don't worry, age will again mean something to you soon. The day you learn to count again.

(That's an emoticon of a baby with a single hair.)

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