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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pirates of Somalia

I've just been watching an in-depth investigation on those Somalian pirates.
Now, there's no doubt they are a brazen mafia of faithless lawless bandits. Everybody's immediate reflex, including mine, is that you'd want to see them eradicated, or at the very least all jailed and the key thrown away, who the fuck do these guys think they are?
Have they ever killed anybody? Not that I know of. They steal, they ransom, but they are far less evil than terrorists.
And there is one thing. One recurrent theme when they are interviewed.
One thing that allows for this piracy problem is how utterly lawless Somalia is. But it's a double-edged weapon. Many of these pirates, met separately, tell the same story: that they were once fishermen, then huge foreign industrial fishing ships came, looted all the resource, and they were left unable to eat from an honest job, so they turned to piracy. [Reminds me of a Gibran story about the unemployed man turned bandit...] They also display a systematic attitude of very angry contempt for "the international community".
Well, I find this story of theirs all too believable. How hard is it to imagine industrial fishing companies coming to that lawless place's territorial waters, practicing notorious environmentally destructive and vastly short-term profitable fishing, and then leaving with the certainty that poor Somalia doesn't have the ghost of a hope of legally suing them? How many other places have been completely ravaged by rogue fishing?
Today, the pirates are definitely not going to return to a much harder and less profitable activity like fishing, even if the sea resource were to regenerate with time (and maybe it already has, there are dolphins doing very well in the area).
But what part of responsibility does the soulless capitalist West bear in creating this evil that's now biting its butt?
I don't have all the answers. But I have my suspicions.
Maybe the world trade getting hit right where it hurts is just ironic justice. With, as usual, many innocent collateral victims.
"Evil is ignorant." Too much awful harm is done by just "not thinking". And this, coming from the known living species that's most apt for thinking. How embarrassing.
And how much evil originating from Lebanon was spawned by the selfish former imperialist countries? The West created the State of Israel, causing the lingering problem of the Palestinian refugees, which was directly responsible for the war in my country. Sometimes I can understand what might motivate a terrorist. Not excuse it, because I know better. But I understand how such things get started: someone doesn't think, hurts another, who in turn doesn't think, and the victim turns tormentor, and violence spirals downwards into madness.
Nothing's all black and white, not even in the former Apartheid regime of South Africa which tried very hard to separate the colors.
Shades of grey. Everything we do has consequences, and brings responsibilities. An eye for an eye. Where's the straw, where's the beam? Who cares? Everybody has something to clean up from their own peepers before playing lecturing saints to the rest of the "savage" world.
Not even in the mood to end with a joke. Can't see a funny side in this.
Help welcome in dem comments, me hearties.

Shades of grey / Nuances de grisLa perspective...
Je viens de regarder in reportage approfondi sur ces pirates Somaliens.
Bon, il n'y a aucun doute que ce sont une mafia effrontée de bandits sans foi ni loi. Le réflexe de tout le monde, y compris le mien, est de souhaiter les voir exterminés, ou au minimum tous mis en prison avant de jeter la clé, putain mais pour qui ils se prennent ces mecs?
Ont-ils jamais tué quelqu'un? Pas que je sache. Ils volent, rançonnent, mais ils sont bien moins mauvais que des terroristes.
Et il y a autre chose. Un thème récurrent quand on les interroge.
Une chose qui permet ce problème de piraterie, c'est combien la Somalie est un pays de non-droit absolu. Mais c'est une arme à double tranchant. Beaucoup de ces pirates, rencontrés séparément, racontent la même histoire: qu'avant ils étaient pêcheurs, et puis d'énormes navires étrangers de pêche industrielle sont venus, ont pillé toute la ressource, et ils se sont retrouvés dans l'incapacité de manger par un travail honnête, alors ils se sont tournés vers la piraterie. [Ça me rappelle une histoire de Gibran sur le chômeur devenu brigand...] Ils montrent aussi une attitude systématique de mépris chargé de colère pour "la communauté internationale".
Eh bien, je trouve leur histoire bien plausible. Est-il difficile d'imaginer des compagnies de pêche industrielle s'amenant dans les eaux territoriales de ce pays sans loi, pratiquant des méthodes de pêche notoirement ravageuses pour l'environnement et très profitables à court terme, avant de s'en aller avec la certitude que la malheureuse Somalie n'a pas l'ombre d'un espoir de les poursuivre en justice? Combien d'autres endroits ont-ils été complètement saccagés par la pêche irrégulière?
Aujourd'hui, les pirates ne vont certainement pas revenir à une activité bien plus dure et moins rentable comme la pêche, même si la ressource maritime se reconstituait avec le temps (ce qui est peut-être déjà le cas, il y a des dauphins qui prospèrent dans le coin).
Mais quelle part de responsabilité porte le capitalisme Occidental sans âme dans la création de ce fléau qui maintenant le mord aux fesses?
Je n'ai pas toutes les réponses. Mais j'ai mes soupçons.
Peut-être que le commerce mondial se faisant taper en plein là où ça fait mal n'est qu'une ironie du sort. Avec, comme d'habitude, beaucoup de victimes collatérales innocentes.
"Le Mal est ignorant." Trop de souffrance terrible est infligée simplement en "ne réfléchissant pas". Et ce, de la part de l'espèce vivante connue qui a le plus de capacités pour penser. La honte!
Et combien de mal provenant du Liban fut-il généré par l'égoïsme des anciens pays impérialistes? L'Occident a créé l'Etat d'Israël, provoquant le problème chronique des réfugiés Palestiniens, qui fut directement responsable de la guerre dans mon pays. Parfois, je peux comprendre ce qui motiverait un terroriste. Pas l'excuser, non, parce que suis trop intelligent pour cela. Mais je comprends comment de telles choses débutent: quelqu'un ne réfléchit pas, fait du mal à quelqu'un d'autre, qui à son tour ne réfléchit pas, et la victime devient bourreau, et la violence part en vrille dans une spirale de démence.
Rien n'est entièrement noir et blanc, pas même dans l'ancien régime d'Apartheid en Afrique du Sud qui a essayé si fort de séparer les couleurs.
Des nuances de gris. Tout ce que nous faisons a des conséquences, et amène des responsabilités. Œil pour œil. Où est la paille, où est la poutre? Quelle importance? Chacun a quelque chose à nettoyer de ses propres mirettes avant de jouer les saints donneurs de leçons au reste du monde "de sauvages".
Même pas d'humeur à finir avec une blague. Je ne vois pas ce qu'il pourrait y avoir de drôle.
Aide bienvenue dans les commentaires, moussaillons.


eolake said...

C'est le monde.

Monsieur Beep said...

Concerning piracy, there surely might be a point in what you're saying, Pascal. I read about it somewhere where they were saying roughly the same.

Ivor Tymchak said...

I too have heard these stories. And as I did so I subconsciously added it to my list of examples of human greed and corruption as demonstrated by bullies throughout history.

There is no hope for this world.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

There is definitely no hope for an easy solution. Best case scenario? It'll take LOTS of time and effort.
But no true red-blooded Homo sapiens gives up on his home without having tried everything. Even questioning one's own beliefs and habits, no matter how terrifying that is!
We're the Thinking Species, so let's do what we were born for, dagnabbit.

[I like that statue, it also shows how ideally comfortable the human behind is designed for sitting on it. At times it's quite advised...]

How interesting that time seems to be what we're running out of, after getting the technological means to destroy our whole world with nukes. As if "somebody" was warning us (or giving us all the signs to warn ourselves) that it's high time to evolve because things have come to a critical point.

I've read several Sci-Fi novels, of talented masters, about aliens coming to lead us into "wising up". All the way to Klaatu's big screen return. But nobody will do it for us. Not even God will come and take us by the hand. We're big boys now, it's up to us.

Obama is no Messiah. But he seems like the embodiment of the person that the whole world's been waiting for, at long last a smart, competent man with genuine integrity. I hope he's the first step on the right path, because we can less and less aford to trip again. Falls hurt when you'll all adultificated.

I still have hope. Yet. But with worries. How ready IS Humankind? And how more ready could it ever hope to be, anyway? We HAVE reached full self-awareness. Time to act upon it.

Gee, this thread really isn't much for jokes, is it?
Never mind. Serious is like vegetables: healthy, and at times enjoyable. :-)

I had a very pleasant spinach dinner yesterday. My Mom really knows how to cook spinach.

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