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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vengeance of Tibet?

I don't know if it's a Sign, but... all those people killed in China, that huge seismic tremor, do you know what is the DIRECT cause for it? A Tibetan rising!
Exactly. The geological plate of India is sinking under the Tibetan Plateau, lifting it, and creating the Himalayas mountain range. The highest one in the world (geologically, it couldn't possibly get any higher), because it originates from the most significant earth crust movements. Causing major earthquakes along the way.
Tibet is rising, China is shaking and counting its dead. Ironic revenge from fate, isn't it?

Je ne sais pas si c'est un Signe, mais... tous ces morts, en Chine, ce séisme monumental, vous savez ce qui en est la cause DIRECTE? Un soulèvement du Tibet!
Parfaitement. La plaque géologique de l'Inde s'enfonce sous le Plateau Tibétain, soulevant celui-ci, et créant la chaîne montagneuse de l'Himalaya. La plus haute du monde (géologiquement, il serait impossible de dépasser sa hauteur actuelle), parce que due au plus importants des mouvements de l'écorce terrestre. Et causant des tremblements de terre majeurs au passage.
Le Tibet se soulève, la Chine tremble et compte ses morts. Ironique revanche du destin, non?


Anonymous said...

Yes, but when something like this happens, the Chinese leaders just say "Big deal! More where those came from!"

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

That's still better than Burma, where the leaders don't even bother to say it!

Anonymous said...

In this case force is justified. The UN should send troops in. Maybe handle it the way Britain did in Malaya in the 50's. Of course, the UN didn't give a shit about Rwanda, so I doubt they'd want to do anything know. They don't care much about a lot of other places either.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

The UN are about as efficient as my late grandfather if he were asked to resurrect today as a stunt double for Ron Jeremy. Without zombie Viagra.

I recently received a french news spoof movie, about a government representative getting hounded over the Olympics and Tibet. He finally bursts: "What, WHAT, WHAT about Tibet? People are getting slaughtered there? They've been slaughtered for the last 50 years, and nobody fucking cared before. Now, you people wake up because of the Olympics? Wanna boycott China? FINE! Let's do it, then. But then let's boycott ALL of China. And get ready to go naked, because everything you're wearing, down to your UNDIES, is made in China! Wanna tell them to fuck off? Be my guest! Wanna go there and clobber them? You try giving a spanking to one billion Chinese, go ahead, I won't stop you!"

The thing is, China is backing the Myanmar junta. And they MIGHT have considered making some efforts, had there been any incentive. Like the "civilized world" acting noble when THEY have decent decisions to make themselves. Or NOT trying to drive China below ground by becoming the last remaining, one, only and supreme superpower of shame.

What just happened about Lebanon? The miraculous seeming outcome to the crisis? In a nutshell, it happened because the allegedly subtle US plans to support one group against another have completely failed. And because Hezbollah has more decency. As one high-ranking Israeli army officer officially stated it recently, Hezbollah has no wish to seize the power in Lebanon. Otherwise they could've done it long ago. At the very least, 2 years ago right after they proved that the dreaded and invincible Israeli army could not break them, not even remotely.
In Qatar, the puppets of Condoleezza realized that their best interest was to stop dreaming about a USA-backed victory by arms. Period.

What really peeves me about Burma -or North Korea, etc.- is NOT what the dictatorship is doing. It's the tremendous responsibility that the USA bear, from totally fucking up the solid-gold opportunity they had since 1991, with the end of the Cold War, to make this world a BETTER place. Instead, they left Lebanon as a prize in the hands of Syria for 15 years, they fucked up big time by supporting the most radical politicians in Israel instead of encouraging them to abide by their peace treaties, and basically they managed the impressive feat of uniting pretty much the whole world in a common hatred for "America".

Politically, Putin and the Chinese have little choice but to return to a Cold War attitude, backing rival regimes no matter how disgusting, because otherwise they'd be yielding ground and power to the American bully.

Sorry for the rant, but yes, "they don't care much about a lot of other places either". Rwanda, yes, for one extreme example. Or Darfur, right fucking now, and going on for several years.

And one thing I'll never forgive my school catechism, is feeding me the damn brazen chutzpahdik lie that God is miraculously causing fair justice to happen in THIS world.
Which, incidentally, is the opposite of what Jesus said about the location of "my Father's Kingdom". Not only did they lie to me, that lie was akin to a blasphemy.

God can confirm: you're always best betrayed by your own. ):-P

Anonymous said...

Try the book "Shake Hands With the Devil - The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda" by Romeo Dallaire.

I know there are many other examples, and it's very sad that humanity never seems to learn a thing from mistakes.

It is probably time for the U.N. to go the way of the League of Nations.

Anyway although we are far from perfect I think my country has a much better track record than the U.S. Being geographically large but small every other way has its advantages.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Thanks, but I think I'll pass. Just thinking too precisely about some things depresses me.
I saw a trailer for a film about the Rwanda "affair", and already I felt I had seen too much. Right now I'm trying to discontinue Prozac. It's gotten too damn expensive anyway.

"It is probably time for the U.N. to go the way of the League of Nations."
Yeah, let's put the poor hideous dumb beast out of its misery already. It's time to end the ugly agony, nobody deserves THAT, no matter what they did.
Or didn't do. :-P

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