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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Local politics

Okay, so I had promised myself never to talk about specific Lebanese politics, but it isn't a Commandment from the Lord...
So, it's about all those local talks attempting to unlock the crisis situation related to the upcoming Presidential election, a crisis next to which Kosovo's problems look like a harmless lovers dispute. (I'm not even mentioning Belgium!)

The Lebanese pessimist: "This time, it's over. The situation we are in today couldn't be any worse."
The optimist, with a smile: "Of course it can."
The pessimist: "I hate you."

OK, je m'étais promis de ne jamais aborder de politique Libanaise spécifique, mais ce n'est pas un Commandement du Seigneur...
Donc, c'est à propos de toutes ces discussions au niveau local pour débloquer la crise politique autour de l'élection Présidentielle, qui fait passer les problèmes du Kosovo pour une gentille dispute d'amoureux. (Je ne parlerai même pas de la Belgique!)

Le pessimiste Libanais: "Cette fois, c'est fichu. La situation ne pourrait pas devenir pire que celle où nous sommes aujourd'hui."
L'optimiste, avec un sourire: "Mais si, elle peut."
Le pessimiste: "Je te hais."


Kio said...

It can, it can get worse and it gets worse and worse everyday...

But then, we adapt and become numb, unaffected by the current misfortune that we live on daily basis..

Sadly enough!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

See? You're an optimist, just like me!

Sure it does, but why bother the trouble of going all the way to Oztralia or Ken-nada, when whe can be perfectly miserable right here in our own beloved country?

Which reminds me... I should get my passports renewed. You never know.
- THE OPTIMIST: "Of course you know."

Kio said...

to note the "s" at the end of "passportS" :)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

That's not a typo. :-)

My way out is guaranteed, no visa needed. Only a job abroad. And I'm on it. I'm spread all over it, in fact.

"Culture is like jam: the less people have, the more they'll spread it."

Kio said...

Good luck in that;
Any specific countries in mind?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

France. I have roots and family there.

Plus, according to the WHO, they have the world's #1 health system. :-)

Any future plans, yourself? You aiming to leave for a better country, like Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or Sierra Leone? I hear that Zimbabwe is very scenic this time of year...

Kio said...

Well as all Lebanese, we're thinking Canada.

And come'on, Lebanon isn’t THAT bad.
I actually love it here, work, life, friends, sports, adventures…
And actually 6 months ago, the thought of leaving or getting another passport wouldn’t have even crossed my mind!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I was born with that other passport, actually.

Maybe it's because I've seen more than you of the stupidity we're capable of in this country, but I've lost most of my patriotic illusions long ago.

The poet said: "If one day the People want freedom, Destiny will be forced to comply."
He could also have said: "You can't give freedom to a people who wants to fight among themselves, and call for foreign alliances."

I was four in 1975 when that war destroyed everything that made this country a country, I mean, made it MORE than a piece of land with a population living on it.
They never learn. The people in power are ready to do it all over again right now, and the crowds of their moronic supporters are ready to back them and take arms again. Me, I'm 36, I have a life to start living!

Yesterday evening, I was at my cousin's marriage. Most of my family is supporting one major local camp. A small part of them, and most of the groom's family, are for the other major local camp.
Yesterday, we met together to celebrate a common joy. We left politics where they belong: outside our unity. Everyone votes according to their convictions, but differences in opinions should NEVER tear us apart.

If I had given politics priority, I would've lost many good friends along the years. That's why I leave 99% of my opinions outside my blog. Conflict about that is stupid.
At least I've learned SOMETHING from all that mess. :-/

"Lebanon isn’t THAT bad"?
I think the crucial test about whether you're correct is undergoing right now. Either it stands, or it crumbles.
I'm not asking for much, honestly. Only for a country to belong to. I'm not sure Lebanon is willing to be one.

To be or not to be, THAT is the question...

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