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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Columbo for President

Boutros Harb = Peter War
If this man is elected, I'm positive all the political assassination cases will be solved!

Si cet homme est élu, c'est sûr, tous les assassinats politiques seront élucidés!


anurag said...

Is the federal government of Lebanon is a secret friend of Hezbollah? Or is it quite messep-up?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Quite messed-up!!!

The Lebanese government isn't federal, it's (in theory) a consensus coalition of all the communities, with shared roles.
But today, the chiites are no more in it, because the Hezbollah ministers (who represent the majority of Chiites) have left the government, and now they are fully official enemies. There's no secret friendship between those two today, I can assure you!

Also, a big proportion of the Christians aren't represented today. The country is virtually split in two. It's a superb, full-bloomed political crisis.
With enough effort and goodwill, it might "improve" into a new civil war. ):-P

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