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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Local poll: "Did the Lebanese draw lessons from the civil war?"
No comment.
Or rather yes, there IS a very relevant comment to make:
If a majority of Lebanese believe that the majority of Lebanese haven't learned, this may mean, precisely, that they are mistaken in that belief.
Let's hope so. Basic elementary reasoning suggests that regarding the population, optimism is in order. I seriously believe that the majority of my fellow countrypersons ARE NOT bloody morons. Precisely because they think otherwise.
You follow? :-)

Optimistic pessimism?
No comment.
Ou plutôt si, il y a un "comment" très pertinent à faire:
Si une majorité de Libanais pense que la majorité des Libanais n'a pas appris, cela signifie peut-être, justement, qu'ils se trompent dans cette croyance.
Espérons. Un raisonnement logique élémentaire suggère que de la part de la population, l'optimisme est de rigueur. Je pense sérieusement que la majorité de mes compatriotes NE SONT PAS cons. Justement parce qu'ils pensent l'inverse.
Vous me suivez? :-)


Sam said...

I hope they learned something!!!!
But it seems like everyone is manipulated by different political factions...

GPS said...

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Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Stating the obvious there, Sam. :-(
They're not only manipulated, they're enthusiastically eager about it! Clanic mentality has fueled the Lebanese war since 1975 (well, that's as far as *I* can recall), and it's still extremely popular. That's what you get when folks are too insecure to come up with their OWN opinions, they'll follow any big mouthed windbag speechifier. :-P
But this poll has restored some of my optimism. Admitting you've got a problem is the first step in ever solving it. And maybe, if all these political/clanic leaders have 75% of the population just tired of their gesticulations, there IS genuine hope of solving our problem.

But my own patience is wearing as thin as the average citizen's buying power. All the elites are emigrating, leaving their traditionally patriotic parents to hope that they'll "return home the day things get better". Except, in 33 years, sometimes two generations were born and have lived abroad. Ipso facto...
Did you know that a Lebanese born abroad doesn't get granted nationality and the right to vote? It's like telling them "good riddance, now get lost". Some homeland.

Thank you very much, GPS. I really try to place the interest of my readers before my typical blogger's need to vent. Sometimes I succeed. :-)
Hey, Brasil? There are more Lebanese there than in Lebanon! In fact, I believe there are more Lebanese in Brasil than in any other country.
Might help explain why Brasil is doing better and better, if all our disheartened elites went there. While Lebanon is slowly sinking in its own hand-made quagmire.
It's a pity I don't speak Brasilian, I mean Portugese of course! ;-) So I'm unable to appreciate your blog.
But I do have Ronaldo's official Real Madrid mini-statue, and blogged about it in February. I so love his nice smile. Great talent, great modesty.
The perfect son-in-law for any Lebanese mother. :-)

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