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Monday, December 31, 2007

The future is now

It's amazing what can be done nowadays, in the XXIst century. Real-life science-fiction.
The weather forecast, which used to predict the weather we would be having the next day, then the next three days, now makes reliable announcements over 5 days.
And yesterday, on a lebanese station, they even announced what kind of weather we would be having THE NEXT YEAR!
Okay, I have to leave you now, I've been on the net since last year, and I'm getting a little tired of it.

C'est fou ce qu'on peut faire, de nos jours, au XXIème siècle. De la vraie science-fiction.
La météo, qui nous donnait le temps qu'il ferait le lendemain, puis sur trois jours, fait dorénavant des annonces fiables à 5 jours.
Et hier, sur une chaîne libanaise, ils ont même annoncé le temps qu'il allait faire L'ANNÉE SUIVANTE!
Bon, je vous laisse, je suis sur le net depuis l'année dernière, et j'en ai un peu assez.


Alex said...

Technology is a wonderful thing. It used to be that my kids would have to play with toys that were simply battery operated, but today I spent 3 hours trying to work out why Lego StarWars the Video Game won't play anymore, even after I disable the newly installed virus protection software (and I work in the industry!).

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Yeah, "wonderful".

This is why I practically only play on consoles. Less razor-sharp cutting-edge in-your-face high-tech next-gen up-to-date graphics and full-surround stereo with fang-dangled odorama and USB-carried wine in the RPG taverns, but plug-and-play!

So-much-less-hassle. ;-)

At least, they managed to get the skin color right in the Star Wars series. While guys of our generation are stuck looking like jaundiced escapees from the Simpsons.
(Confession time: my avatar image is photoshopped!)

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