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Friday, July 4, 2008

Leh-hoow. Zeh-her! (© Ace Ventura)

I can't tire of picking and posting photos of Butt-Cheeks. Next to him, the mental prodigy still squatting at the Casa Alba for a few more months can go take a hike at the nudists! What lithe body, what melted chocolate grace! Incredible. Makes you want to touch to make sure it's real, but you dare not without Mom's permission.
On this one, it looks as if the guy behind is about to smack him good.

"Sole candidate for the second round, after the intimidations, violences and mass exodus of his opponents, Bubba Moo-Babbler was re-"elected" President with 90.2% of expressed votes." Official numbers.
That's all? Loser. You small-time player. Saddam would've made 100%.
Looks like you're not cut out on Saddan's prestigious measure.
At least, Saddam had a REAL man's mustache. Not an advertising for "the other brand razor"!

Fundant Deluxe Chocolate, made in Zimbabwe
Je ne me lasse pas de sélectionner et poster des photos de Face-de-Fesse. A côté de lui, le prodige de vivacité d'esprit qui squatte la Casa Alba pour quelques mois encore peut aller se rhabiller chez les nudistes! Quelle souplesse, quelle grâce de chocolat fondu! Incroyable. On a envie de toucher pour voir si c'est vrai, mais on n'ose pas sans l'autorisation de Maman.
Sur celle-ci, on dirait que le mec derrière s'apprête à lui en allonger une.

"Seul candidat au second tour, après les intimidations, violences et exodes massifs subis par ses opposants, Roro Mou-Galbé est ré-"élu" Président avec 90,2 % des suffrages exprimés." Chiffres officiels.
C'est tout? Minable. Petit joueur, va. Saddam avait fait 100%.
T'as pas l'envergure prestigieuse d'un Saddan Hussein, on dirait.
Au moins, Saddam, il avait une VRAIE moustache d'homme. Pas une pub pour "le rasoir de la concurrence"!


Joe Dick said...

I'd definitely be rising up against this guy if he can't do better than that! You call that ruling with an iron fist?! Kids today, Jeez...

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

You're right, this clearly proves he's a wimp. I bet that wuss doesn't last long enough to receive a strap from Santa this year.

Those cheeks are probably tougher than not only his fist, but even his chihuahua-bite-sized sausage.

He makes BinLaden look as manly as Tarzan. At least, the rabid bonebag has enough hormones for his facial hair to grow!

Joe Dick said...

Then again, look what happened to Saddam. They're such a thing as being too good. This guy's like one of those sort-of-effective-but-just-incompetent-enough middle-management types who won't get promoted or demoted and aren't really perceived as a real threat. As long as he's only brutalizing his own people and doesn't own any oil fields, they'll leave him alone.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Leave him alone? No way! The world wouldn't stand for it! I mean, it's never been seen before, right?


As for Saddam, I think it had nothing to do with him "being too good". Wasn't even THAT great, he only had 20 to 30 diabolically identical body doubles (including the one that got the gallows). He just happened to have aided Bin Laden against Saudi Arabia and the U.S., developped the whole catalog of WMDs in broad daylight, cluster bombs included, oppressed his people for a few decades, and been an accomplice to Global Warming by selling oil to polluting fools and dissing Captain Planet's haircut. Clearly there was a sudden vital emergency. Much UNLIKE Kim-Jong-Il, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, Than Shwe, or that former drunk whatsisname in a stetson.

Then again, Mahmood Ahmadinejad might get what's coming to him now. I mean, he had the chutzpah of getting himself democratically elected, and he drinks the blood of babies.
Plus, he dared call Condi "not that hot after all". That's worthy of the Death Penalty right there.

Fear not, justice and equity will very soon rule this Yahve-blessed planet of ours.

Well... "soon" at the Cosmic scale, anyways. 50 tiny million years, and all evildoers shall have perished, I solemnly guarantee.
And then the Raptured will all point at them and laugh with the Lord, nyah-nyah-nyah! (But laugh in a spirit of Christian Mercy, nats.)

Joe Dick said...

He eats babies, I know, but I'm not sure if he drinks their blood.

It's the dissing of Captain Planet that did it. After all, look what happened to ol' Juggie!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Aw, c'mon, everybody knows there are etiquette rules about devouring babies. "Never with adult blood" for a drink. D'uh!
"I don't dreenk... vhine." - (Count Vlad D., Romanian aristocrat)

You should ree-hee-hee-hee-heallly do your Evil Overlord homework more thoroughly, or you'll never conquer the Universe, the world, or even King Solomon's african diamond mines, you know. And without diamonds, bye-bye beautiful bodacious booty babes!

Wow, that's a big movie! It'll take me a good 2 hours of downloading to receive it all and THEN view it. (Thanks,®!)
Guess I'll comment on it later...
(Winds up spring-powered alarm-clock for 1:30AM)
Yeah, a spring-powered alarm-clock. The rooster ain't very reliable before dawn, and my trumpet-playing neighbor has bronchitis so he's taking a couple weeks' rest.

Why the trumpet? Very simple, really: when you want to know the time, you play it, and you can bet there will always be some music-hater grouch to open his window and yell around: "Who's that buttafuocco playing the trumpet at 2:41 in the morning?" Presto!

Well, well, at first glance looks like it wasn't Archie's pal mocking Cap. I always knew Jughead was a wise young man.

And, as much as I'd love to say the opposite of a "moral, educational and proper" cartoon series, but Captain Planet is just cool! (Well, except for that far-fetched solar-powered flying jet-plane, now that's plain unrealistic. Puh-leeze!)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"4:50 PM"??? Since when did Blogger time cease being 3 hours behind Lebanon time? It's 2:50 AM here, so that should read "11:50 PM" underneath that post!

Where's a good bugle when you need one? "Universal Time", my gluteus magnus! ):-P

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Man, this Juggernaut bitch gig, that's some serious shit, yo!Wassup wid'dat? :-)

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