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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Anew, two consecutive titles in the local press (it's as if somebody in that newspaper doesn't trust my ability to notice stuff!):
"Twenty-two talibans shot dead and one foreign soldier killed in Afghanistan"
"Talibans execute twenty-two members of a tribe in Pakistan"

If this ain't retaliation, it sure looks similar...
But something's amiss in this affair: since when can a Taliban count?
Already, any NORMAL muslim will tell you so: the average Taliban can barely count up to a half-Koran. With luck...
"Half of a truth is often the worst of lies." A simple example: half of "thou shalt not go and kill" can be calculated as "go and kill". But we're still a long way from 22, d'uh!

Derechef, deux titres consécutifs dans la presse locale (à croire que quelqu'un sous-estime mes capacités d'observation dans ce journal!):
"Vingt-deux talibans abattus et un soldat étranger tué en Afghanistan"
"Les talibans exécutent vingt-deux membres d’une tribu au Pakistan"

Si ce ne sont pas des représailles, c'est bien imité...
Mais il y a quelque chose d'étrange dans cette affaire: depuis quand un Taliban sait-il compter?
Déjà, tout musulman NORMAL vous le dira: le Taliban moyen sait à peine compter jusqu'à un demi-Coran. Et encore...
"La moitié d'une vérité est souvent le pire des mensonges." Exemple simple: la moitié de "tu ne tueras point" peut être calculée comme "tu tueras". Mais on est encore loin de 22. D'euh!


Johnnie Walker said...

Your average Muslim isn't exactly Mensa material anyway - or they wouldn't be able to swallow what's in the Koran.

It's kind of a win-win situation for all the foreign soldiers out there - 22 Taliban and 22 Pakistani. For the loss of only one foreign soldier. That's what I call a good day's work. Good hustle, team!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Mensa definitely wasn't founded in Pakistan, perhaps a more backwards region than anything Africa has to "offer", Rwanda and Zimbabwe included. But it's likely that the 22 "tribesmen" were allies of the good fight. Not exactly the formula of a winning day therefore...
It's easier to kill some people than to educate them into thinking human beings, that's for sure.

To mitigate your "exchange rates", I'll inform you that Israel considers it a fair trade to release 100 Palestinian/Hezbollah prisoners in counterpart for the body of ONE soldier killed in action. In fact, a mere hundred is probably "a good deal", if you account for inflation these days.

I diplomatically said "a NORMAL muslim". Not saying that in the third world the average anything is "normal". (I know some non-muslims far better than I would've liked to.) I'm not saying the average muslim ISN'T normal, either. ;-)
When I catch up on my much delayed work, I'll make a post about religion in general (and the Koran in particular but not exclusively), which I believe you will find most relevant.

If I don't get arrested before, of course. But this isn't Saudirabia or Egypt. Yet. A reasonably moderate blogger has little to worry about. :-?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

P.S.: I didn't use the expression "a half-Koran" by accident.
"A half-Bible" could be suggested quite easily too. But I promised myself never to name some pious mathematicians I've personally met...
More in an upcoming post. That barrel of worms deserves its own parking space.

Johnnie Walker said...

Pious mathematicians...a reference to a certain other Pascal..? No I guess you couldn't have met him unless you're secretly an immortal.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Damnation! Why didn't *I* think of making that great one?
Thanks for the heads-up, Johnnie. I'd hate to waste the opportunity for a good in-joke.

If I'm an immortal, I'm not aware of it YET. Definitely wasn't in the dead past with that same body. I have 1970's baby pictures to prove it. :-)

Joe Dick said...

I look down on those Mensa Morons! Top 2 percent?! Bah! My mailman could score in the top two percent. I belong to the Triple Nine Society! So there!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

That's what I love most about you, Joe: your humble modesty rivals that of Samurai Jack.
In fact, your names sound similar. Would the two of you happen to be related?

I've never heard of the Triple Nine Society. Anyways, any elitist group would be beneath me. ;-)

Joe Dick said...

Of course it would! Just like the Nine Rivers Country Club was beneath me - until I got in! ;-)

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