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Friday, September 11, 2009

Anniversary 2

I almost forgot, but my blog's now 2 years old. And four days. And probably 6 hours, 8 minutes and 10 seconds, if you log on JUST at the right time.
I think it's a slightly more deserving celebration than BinLaden's worldwide idiocies. And still, the relative importance granted to both by the media... (sigh) Clearly the Herostratus syndrome isn't done marginalizing the efforts of smart people! And yet, Osama, what's he doing now exactly? He's preparing June 11th, 2010, and apart from that, zilch, nada. La siesta grande. ):-P
Ah well, let's move on.
Since I set a click counter, I've counted (accounted? counterized?) 2000 clicks over the first year. [According to statistics, 99% of blogs get about one click per month.] A short while ago, I noticed 6000 something, nearing 7000. And what to mine tiny eyes discover with amazement on Yule morning? 11,941! Almost TEN THOUSAND more in a year!
Thank you, thank you very much, hon-hon. (elegant and super-hunky bow) It was YOU who did it, dear public.
My announcers also thank you for the attendance. As soon as I *DO* display some ads, I'll make a mint.
Provided I bother to take care of it. I feel soooo lazy, these days... better I don't tell you about it! Darn right, why should jihadists be the only ones to sleep over their past accomplishments, huh?
So, that's what it feels like to become famous? Eeeh-eeeh!
Do you think I should get a nose job, dye my hair, or take on 100 pounds, before everybody can remember what I looked like in my early days?

J'ai failli oublier, mais mon blog a maintenant 2 ans. Et quatre jours. Et probablement 6 heures, 8 minutes 10 secondes, si vous vous connectez JUSTE au bon moment.
Je crois que c'est une commémoration un peu plus méritante que les conneries mondialisées de Ben Laden. Et pourtant, l'importance relative accordée aux deux par les médias... (soupir) Le syndrome Erostrate n'a pas fini de marginaliser les efforts des intelligents! Et pourtant, qu'est-ce qu'il fait aujourd'hui, Oussama? Il prépare le 11 juin 2010, et à part ça, nada, ballepeau. La grosse sieste. ):-P
Enfin, bon, glissons.
Depuis que j'ai installé un compteur de clics, j'ai compté (comptabilisé? compteurisé?) 2000 clics sur la première année. [Selon les statistiques, 99% des blogs reçoivent environ un clic par mois.] Il y a peu de temps, j'en remarquais 6000 et quelques, bientôt 7000. Et qu'est-ce que mes petits yeux émerveillés découvrent le matin de l'Emmanuel? 11,941! Presque DIX MILLE de plus en un an!
Merci, merci à tous, hon-hon. (révérence élégante et super-séduisante) C'est TOI qui l'as fait, cher public.
Mes annonceurs vous remercient aussi pour l'affluence. Dès que j'AURAI mis des publicités, je serai riche.
Encore faut-il que je prenne le temps de m'en occuper. J'ai une de ces flemmes, en ce moment... j'vous dis pas. Pourquoi les jihadistes seraient seuls à s'endormir sur leurs lauriers, hein?
C'est donc ça l'impression que ça fait de devenir célèbre? Iîh-îîh!
Est-ce que vous croyez que je devrais me faire refaire le nez, me teindre les cheveux, ou prendre 50 kilos, avant que tout le monde ne se rappelle de quoi j'avais l'air à mes débuts?


Anonymous said...


Jimbo said...

Wow, two year already. What's the gift for two years? You don't get diamonds for a few more years yet.

P.S. Fart!
P.P.S. That was the dog.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

You dog STINKS! (You know what I mean.)

Excuse me while I burn some lime-scented incense and open all the windows.

P.S.: No diamonds? How about some roses? Not that I'm very effeminate, but they sure smell better than most of what I got offered so far.

Anonymous said...

"Your dick smells like shit"

from the famous hymn "My Dick" by Micky Avalon, 1636-1702.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Yeah, well, that will usually happen after one performs a specific act on a specific type of people.
But I'm not hinting at anybody specific...

joe dick said...

Keep your dick out of other people's cornholes. And that means chicks too. Don't know why some guys like to pork a chick in the back door... But as they say, it takes all kinds to make a world.

TC [Girl] said...

Wow! If that really *is* you, Joe Dick, I'm IMPRESSED! For once, we actually agree on something! NICE!! :-) GREAT message to the guys (and gals!)! I don't get that type of "nasty," myself! :-( are right: " takes all kinds to make a world."

TC [Girl] said...

Happy Anniversary, Pascal!! How about a kiss on each cheek (the upper ones, that is! lol! ;-) to celebrate! :-)

xmung said...

yay! happy #2 dude!!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

The two of us are not intimate enough for another type of kiss, anyway. ;-)

Thanks for all the wishes etcaetera. The best way to show my appreciation is to keep entertaining y'all. So you can count on it!

1, 2, 3, 4...
(Just in case, I'm counting too right now.)

"We'll see who gets the last laugh, Crash Bandicoot! AAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!
Um, I'm laughing right now too, just in case."
-- (Evil voodoo mask Aku-Aku, in the videogame Crash of the Titans)

"Crash? Get out of my giant robot! This is MY body, MY right to choose!" -- (Evil scientist's niece and teenage brat Nina Cortex, ibid.)

"PANCAKES!" -- (Crash Bandicoot's complete dialogue in the aforementioned game.)

Pass the maple syrup, Malcolm. And shoot the talcum, woo-hoo!

TC [Girl] said...

Pascal said...
"The two of us are not intimate enough for another type of kiss, anyway. ;-)"

Right you are, Doctor!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Pascal would be happy to kiss you there. He's a doctor. IT would be purely professional.

Anonymous said...


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

You know, this reminds me of that one time during my internships, when...
No, better not tell about it. Besides, it's never a pretty sight to see a grown man cry while he was trying to teach the world's future Doctors.
(P.S.: there was no "professional kiss" involved. Not THAT time, anyway.)


Anonymous said...

Well TC, if that's your opinion, I might be all turned around on the subject. It's to avoid contact with idiocy that I abandoned the blog of that absolute ass-head.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...


TC [Girl] said...

Anon said...
"It's to avoid contact with idiocy that I abandoned the blog of that absolute ass-head."

Whose blog, Anon? Eo's? Is that you, Joe Dick?

Joe Dick said...

Will the real Joe Dick please stand up? I might have to create a new account and watch out for imitators. Man that Josie has a foul mouth, no wonder the Pussycats broke up. They said she was worse than Axl Rose!

Frédéric Dard (dead French writer) said...

"There is nothing lighter than a man's dick : a mere thought will raise it." I wrote that.

So stand up proudly, Monsieur Joe. For all of us males.
Be true to yourself, and settle this account once and for all, mon ami.

Oui, I *know* I am stiff myself, but it is not the same any more.

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