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Monday, January 12, 2009

Kourante LaFey

Morgan LaFey ("the fairy", in French), Merlin's half-sister, was a grade A -and first class- bitch, and a pain in his neck all his life (Merlin's life was a long one, too...).
The Fairy Electricity, as Jules Verne's contemporaries called it, must be buddies with Morgan. To think this Celtic lady has fans (fannies? fanettes? fanmes?) all the way to Lebanon!
The Kourrante is in quite a shape these days. In shape of what exactly, I couldn't tell. But as for pissing people off all the way to the toilets, it's as if she wants to compete with "the Zionist Enemy" bashing Gaza, for first place on the hate podium of our cedar wood arab hearts.
In theory, the black-out / white-in hours are as follows :
Midnight - 6 AM - 10 AM - 2 PM - 6 PM - midnight
Amounting to 24 hours of juice every two days. Aren't theories great?
But of course LaFay Rocious doesn't follow the rules, otherwise where's the suspense, where would the fun be?
For instance take last week, 17 minutes after the 10 o'clock outage (outrage?), the EDL collector shows up with the bills, and to check the counters in the basement. Of course, he's got a flashlight to see in the dark (clearly a pro), and a training worthy of the US President in dodging lynchings from the grumpy customers. But then...
Guess what?...
No, forget it, you'll never find out.
Then... just seconds before the collector arrived, the power returns. He collects the bills with a smile, goes check the counters, leaves... and immediately... yes, this time you're going to take a guess, right? Power goes out again!
Incredible, what timing! It's like watching a CIA operation. (The Hollywood version, because the real CIA...)
What amazes me the most, is how the blazes do they manage to pull it off specifically for the house that the geezer's visiting?
It's like magic!!!
LUMOS! Accio dollaris! AVADA KEDAVRA!!! Nyahahaaa!

''BZZZT!'' @?#$%&!!!
Morgane la Fée, demi-sœur de Merlin l'Enchanteur, était une emmerdeuse de première (et de haut niveau) qui l'a enquiquiné sa vie durant (et elle fut longue, la vie de Merlin...).
La Fée Electricité, comme l'appelaient les contemporains de Jules Verne, doit être une copine de Morgane. Dire que cette dame celtique a des fans (des fanées? fanettes? fanmes?) jusqu'au Liban!
La Kourante est en forme, en ce moment. En forme de quoi, je ne saurais le dire. Mais pour ce qui est de faire bisquer son monde jusqu'aux WC, on croirait qu'elle veut concurrencer "l'Ennemi Sioniste" tapant sur Gaza, pour la première place sur le podium d'antipathie dans nos cœurs arabes en bois de cèdre.
En principe, les créneaux de coupure / revenure sont comme suit :
Minuit - 6h AM - 10h AM - 2h PM - 6h PM - minuit
Soit 24 heures de jus tous les deux jours. C'est chouette, les principes, non?
Mais la Fée Rosse ne suit évidemment pas les règles, sinon où est le suspense, où serait le fun?
Tenez, la semaine passée, 17 minutes après la coupure (le coup pire?) de 10h, l'encaisseur de l'EDL arrive avec les factures, et pour relever les compteurs à la cave. Bien sûr, il a une lampe de poche pour y voir dans le noir (on sent le professionnel), et un entraînement digne du Président des USA pour esquiver les lynchages des usagers grognons. Mais là...
Devinez un peu?...
Non, laissez, vous ne trouverez pas.
Là... exactement quelques secondes avant l'arrivée de l'encaisseur, l'électricité revient. Il encaisse ses factures avec le sourire, va relever les compteurs, s'en va... et aussitôt... oui, là vous allez deviner, n'est-ce pas? Le courant se re-coupe!
Impressionnante, la synchronisation! On se croirait dans une opération de la CIA. (Version Hollywood, parce que la vraie...)
Ce qui m'épate le plus, c'est comment diantre arrivent-ils à faire le coup spécifiquement pour la maison que le gugusse visite?
On croirait de la magie!!!
LUMOS! Accio dollaris! AVADA KEDAVRA!!! Nyahahaaa!


TC [Girl] said...

"What amazes me the most, is how the blazes do they manage to pull it off specifically for the house that the geezer's visiting?"

LOL!! Probably a remote...or a walkie talkie; or...another dude down the street to throw the switches!! ;0)

Charles said...

Le Faye and fairies have fans in this time because the Victorians and Disney "re-imaged" fairies from the somewhat evil, dangerous and faye sprites they are in the original tales, to cute tiny attractive women with wings who paint flowers and leaves.

Nothing quite like a good PR person!

As to electricity--

In the US you can buy electric company stock in your local company with no premium, and once a customer, you can continue to buy and sell at market w/o fees.

So as I moved around, I acquired a few shares of different electric companies.

15 years ago, one of them was having their annual meeting in town, so I went for the free eats.

When they got to the q&a session, everything was fine until they got to a couple of people who were asking some tough questions--then the power went out.

At an electric company annual meeting.

It didn't come back on, and the meeting ended (questions unasked and unanswered!) and we had lunch.

I thought that it was newsworthy (it's FUNNY!) But none of the local media bothered to report the outage (despite my calling them to report it.)

City Hall you might beat once in awhile, but those utility companies!?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I'll be writing some day a book revealing the scientific truth about fairies. Not truly nasty (just mischievous and misunderstood), but definitely not nekkid winged cuties either! An elf, forever young, told me all about them.

But of course, Disney's PR revamp is more market-efficient!!! Especially with the girl toys. Definitely.

Ever considered that this meeting's convenient power-out maybe wasn't entirely accidental?
I mean, "who else", right?
Think about it, people...

Is it just me, or does this thread seem to attract cat-like people? Anybody else here feeline it too?

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