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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Cachez cette vérité que je ne saurais voir!"

Make up your minds, already! Silvio Berlusconi had chosen, as a background pattern for his press room, a reproduction of a classic XVIIIth century painting, "The Naked Truth" by Giambattista Tiepolo. Such a nice symbol. Although said Truth, portrayed as a woman, only bared a single humble breast. For an allegory of Truth, this really leaves a lot under cover...
But still not enough, apparently. The lady got her draping touched up, and now it reaches over the once symbolic nipple, as are those of Delacroix's Liberty on the Revolution's barricades. Mamma mia! Does Truth need to be concealed further more? In one of the countries which initiated the Renaissance art and philosophy? Que bravo Italia! [Cornuto!]
Ah, wait, hold it, I've got it: everybody knows that il signore Berlusconi is a prude, who never dares speak too bluntly to a woman. An please, don't let me hear any whispers of "this guy makes Bill Clinton seem like a hermit monk". That's all gossip, naturalamente.
The Italy of 2008 assumes fully the symbols it chose for itself. Let this be known! Capisce?

''E molto shocchingo, per Jovi!''
Faudrait savoir! Silvio Berlusconi avait choisi, pour décor de fond de sa salle de presse, la reproduction d'une toile classique du XVIIIème, "La Vérité Nue" de Giambattista Tiepolo. Sympathique symbole. Bien que la Vérité en question, représentée par une femme, n'ait de nu qu'un modeste sein. Pour une allégorie de la Vérité, ça laisse beaucoup de dissimulé...
Mais pas encore assez, apparemment. La dame s'est vu retoucher le drapage, qui maintenant recouvre le mamelon naguère symbolique, comme ceux de la Liberté de Delacroix sur les barricades de la Révolution. Mamma mia! La Vérité doit-elle être encore plus cachée? Dans un des pays qui ont lancé l'art et la philosophie de la Renaissance? Que bravo Italia! [Cornuto!]
Ah, non, pardon, j'ai compris: tout le monde sait que il signore Berlusconi est un prude, qui n'ose jamais parler trop directement à une femme. Et SVP, que je n'entende personne murmurer: "Comparé à lui, Bill Clinton est un moine ermite". Médisances que cela, naturalamente.
L'Italie de 2008 assume parfaitement les symboles qu'elle se choisit. Qu'on se le dise! Capisce?


Anonymous said...

Talk about going a big rubbery one! boioioioioioiiiiiinnnnnng!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Heh... I should've seen this one coming a light-year away!

Johnnie Walker said...

I wonder the job they'd have to do covering up if they'd picked, say, The Nymphaeum.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Rather easy, that: a few galons of white spray paint, and they would soon rename it "Dazzling Winter Blizzard Fog In The Antarctic Plains"...

Still, they did a poor job on "The Naked Truth". As my photo clearly shows, they forgot to cover the undisputed biggest -and most obscene- boob.
The one with hair implants, whitened teeth and an artificial tan. "No offense", Cavaliere! ;-P

Mike Hunt said...

The one with hair implants, whitened teeth and an artificial tan.

Why would they? That's dead sexy!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Please, please, tell me you're really a middle-aged italian housewife, before I freak out!

Besides, everybody knows the REAL sexy hunka-hunka-hunk-of-man is Vlad Putin. Every gay Russian swoons over his Adonis-like muscles.
Doesn't even need a hairy top. Booya!

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