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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Extra, extra!

A shampoo advertising on local TV:
"Against dandruff
Against hair loss
Against gray hair."

And it's not even hair dye in the first place!

Is it also useful against stupidity, or does it only work miracles on the outside of the head? :-P

Publicité pour un shampooing sur la TV locale:
"Contre les pellicules
Contre la chute des cheveux
Contre les cheveux gris."

Et ce n'est même pas un shampooing colorant!

Est-ce qu'il marche aussi contre la stupidité, ou bien il ne fait des miracles qu'à l'extérieur de la tête? :-P


Kio said...

And I bet their targeted segment would be bald men and women suffering from alopecia areata!

Alex said...

I remember my parents switched to a dandruff control shampoo when I was a kid. I started getting white flakes on my shoulders. The more shampoo I used the worse it was. I even learnt to rinse well. Turns out, if you don't have dandruff, then these agressive shampoos cause your scalp to flake. Soon as we switched to a milder shampoo my problem went away.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

And my brother started losing his hair at triple speed when he used a shampoo against hair loss! But what was he expecting, from a brand called "Pert +"?
"Perte Plus" in French translates as "more loss"...

Welcome to my humble space, Kio. You're my first commentator that I didn't already know. And cultivated, always a quality in my book.
Let me guess: you found this page because of "Lebanon" and "Burma", right? :-(
I expect that Right shall win there, but the price will be high. Nothing worthy comes cheap, as we know too well.

I try to keep an optimistic attitude on my page, it's a choice. But I find yours quite impressive in its own style. Inspiring name and header. Love the way you think and write. So unlike the typically shallow local girl.

Although... you DID comment on a post about shampoo. ;-)

Kio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kio said...

Sorry for replying so late Pascal, I just read your comment.

Thank you very much for your kind words, but regarding the comment:
"So unlike the typically shallow local girl."
hmmm I have so many objections to that, I wont even start!

I replied to shampoo post... what can I say... There's no way of winning with a Lebanese guy, is there! :)

I deeply enjoyed stumbling across your page Pascal and hope to read more of your thoughts.

Thank you again for your kind words.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Do you mean that you think you ARE shallow, or that you have many objections about shallow girls?
Local girls often write some light poetry, but I don't know many of them who fancy grave and deep subjects like you. Usually, they just poetize about "I love my current prince charming" (shoud that be emir charming?), "Yiiih, I chipped a nail", or similarly conventional topics. Your themes are consistently daring and modern.

You're correct, it's quite hard to win against my shatara bel haké. I'm always right... except when my aunt is present, because she is always-ALWAYS right! :-)
Fortunately, I'm also the most modest person in the world (if you look in the Guinness Book of Records, there's my name at "modest"), so very few select people actually know how perfect I am. ;o)

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